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Greenland Paddles Step-by-Step is the first detailed manual for making these elegant, traditional kayak paddles!


Using easy-to-understand directions and over 80 photographs and drawings, it guides the reader through all phases of the paddle making process.

  • Selecting tools and materials
  • Designing your paddle
  • Layout
  • Shaping
  • Finishing

The methodical approach makes it easy for even a beginning woodworker to produce a beautiful and functional Greenland paddle, yet it also contains many helpful tips and tricks for the experienced paddle maker.


Checklist-style chapters allow readers to stop at any point in the process and quickly pick up right where they left off. It opens fully to lie flat on a bench for easy, no-hands use.


Whether you’re a seasoned paddle builder or just considering giving it a try...


Greenland Paddles Step-by-Step is for you!