Make your own Greenland Paddles

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Tools and Supplies

Chapter One tells you what you need, whether you're a beginner looking to get into paddle making at minimal cost, a traditionalist looking for a hand-tools-only approach or a hard-core tool junkie with lots of "toys".

Basic tools for making Greenland Paddles

Wood Selection

Finding the right wood can literally make or break a paddle (pun intended). Chapter Two goes into the subject in-depth.

Examples of appropriate wood grain


One of the beauties of Greenland paddles is that they're individually sized to fit their owners. Chapter Three shows you how to determine the best starting point for your paddles.

Measuring the loom length for a Greenland paddle


While the shape of a Greenland paddle is simple, there are some handy tricks to laying one out. They're covered in Chapter Four.

Laying out a Greenland paddle tip

Basic Shaping

Chapter Five shows you how to take a flat, square board and turn it into something that resembles a paddle.

Planing a Greenland paddle


In Chapter Six, you'll learn how to create the subtle shapes that make a Greenland paddle feel natural in the hand and smooth in the water.

Planed Greenland paddle tip


I know, everybody hates sanding, but it's the step where a real transformation from board to paddle takes place. Chapter Eight shows you how to make it simple and painless.

Sanded Greenland paddle tip


While you don't necessarily need to finish a paddle, doing so will toughen the wood and preserve it's beauty. Chapter nine covers the various options for finishing, including epoxy-coating the tips of the blades.

Wiping on the finish

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