Make your own Greenland Paddles

Frequently Asked Questions about  Greenland Paddles Step-by-Step.

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Do I need woodworking experience to make a paddle?

No, you don't need woodworking experience and the book assumes that you don't have any. The skills needed are pretty basic and you develop them as you go. Making a paddle is an ideal first woodworking project. If you're an experienced woodworker, you may find some new techniques in the book.

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Do I need a shop full of expensive tools?

No, only a few basic hand tools are required, but if you have more than the basics, we'll show you how to put your tools to use making paddles. Both hand and power tool use are covered in the book and often multiple options are explained for a given step.

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Is it difficult to make a paddle?

Making Greenland paddles is surprisingly easy, especially with the step-by-step method in the book. Diagrams and photos are used extensively to illustrate the instructions. It's fun, it's rewarding and anyone can do it.

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How long does it take to make a paddle?

That depends on your skill level and how much finishing you do, but a beginner should be able to make a paddle in 8-12 hours at a relaxed pace. Once you've made one paddle, you'll complete your next paddle faster. Remember, nobody makes just one!

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How much does it cost to make a paddle?

Using western red cedar, the cost will be around $20, but it can be less than $5 if you use a pine 2x4 stud. For your first paddle, you'll probably spend somewhat more unless you already have the necessary tools and supplies, but they will be useful for future paddles and other woodworking projects. For what it would cost to buy a paddle, you can purchase all the tools and supplies you need, plus enough wood to make several paddles.

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How can I be sure that my paddle fits me properly?

Sizing the paddle is covered in-depth in the book. However, personal preference plays a big role and the optimum dimensions and shape can only be determined through experience. At around $20 per paddle, you can afford to experiment. For the price of buying one commercially-produced Greenland paddle, you can make at least a half dozen cedar paddles and perhaps as many as twenty!

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Is the book worth $20?

Of course it is!   (but I'm a bit biased...)

Seriously, I could have made the pages smaller and included lots of "white space" to pump up the page count until the book was impressively fat, but I decided that a page size that allowed large photos and lots of information on each page made more sense. Many of my customers have commented favorably on the amount of information and the quality of the photos and diagrams.

Look at it this way; the price of the book is about equal to the cost of making a cedar paddle, so if it saves you from making a major mistake on one, it's paid for itself.